See Omtopus Om. Be like Omtopus. Stay Om.

During these very uncertain and crazy days I thought we could share what keeps each of us sane, what helps us find our peace while juggling so much and yet being in isolation. My zen has always been work and staying busy, but since my job is non-essential I’ve been keeping busy with personal projects. Like our logo shows, the sun’s right around the corner, and if we can hold on long enough we’ll get through this. In the meantime, what is your peace, your zen, your happy place during these troubling days? Comment with pictures, or words, and tell us what helps you stay Om? Stay safe, stay healthy, stay Om!

If you’d like to support a small business during this situation consider buying a gift card or check out our Zazzle store and order a card, shirt, hat, mug, sticker or just about anything you could ask for… Find it here. Hope to see you soon on sailing vessel Manukai!

See Omtopus Om. Be like Omtopus. Stay Om.

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